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Using the career test and worksheets filled out in class I came to find that the right career for me is in Veterinary medicine. I?ve actually wanted to be a veterinarian since the age of four, but these tests and information has led me to understand that this career also suits my personality, values, and abilities. I?ve always loved working with animals and people as well and am currently working as a veterinarian technician at Oxford Veterinarian Hospital, which has also helped me figure out that I want to continue in this career path.

Being a veterinarian is much like being a doctor for people. Animals get sick just like humans. They get viruses and cancer like we do, and they get into accidents just like we do. A veterinarian is the primary healthcare provider for animals. A veterinarian prevents disease by giving shots, diagnoses and treats illnesses, examines and treats injuries, performs surgery, delivers babies, prescribes and administers medications, and advises people on how to keep their animals healthy.

Veterinarians also help keep people healthy. Some diseases can be passed from animals to humans. Veterinarians research ways to prevent the spread of such diseases and hopefully wipe them out altogether. Others make sure our food is safe to eat by inspecting livestock and meat processing facilities.

Most veterinarians enjoy modern, pleasant surroundings. Non-clinical employers in private industry, colleges, and research centers provide clean, well-lit offices or laboratories furnished with the latest technology and equipment. Veterinarians in these settings spend most of their time dealing with people and may never come in contact with animals. Those in small animal practices work in comfortable offices and clinics that are as clean as any hospital. Depending on the size of the practice, facilities can be noisy when too many dogs and cats...