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Interactive Simulation

October 18, 2007


The simulation provided a valuable insight into the day to day activities and trials of a human resource manager. A triad of scenarios only goes to show even the most well-meaning and able administrator is not going to appease every single person in the organization. However, using all the information and fact finding tools that can be drawn upon then a best available and workable solution can be put into place.

Briefly, the Cartwright-Porter regional airport is entering its 7th year of operations that has seen challenges from the very beginning. Instituted managerial reforms have enabled a promising outlook for the present but unresolved human resource (HR) concerns are rising to potentially threaten the viability of the near future. In this regard, looming at present is a disgruntled staff of baggage handlers. These employees have a pivotal role in the normal function of the facility but while influential they are not the only employee group.

The HR department must deal equitably so as not to elicit a backlash from other workers. There can be no unimportant or favored employees in a successful enterprise whether a regional airport or some other business. HR operating in a less than professional manner can invite a host of problems the least of which is attempting to placate one group while earning the jealously and discontent of the remaining employees.

In validating the issue, the logical first step has been accomplished. Cartwright-Porter is located in proximity to the Wildflower Forrest a resort catering to an adult clientele. The airport has entered into a mutually beneficial arrangement with the resort and the results have been increased traffic at the airport and additional guest at the Wildflower. However, now a greater strain...