Case study and analysis of a SME and the development of a sustainable business proposal.

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Strategy, Strategic Design & Strategic Behavior

"Eagle Box Company"

Table of Contents

1.0 Letter to Mr. Cody Faircloth

2.0 Background

3.0 External Environment Analysis (SW)

3.1Societal Environment Analysis

3.2Task Environment Analysis

4.0 Internal Environment Analysis (OT)

4.1 Sales & Service

4.2 Production

4.3 Accounting & Finance

5.0 Chain of Command

6.0 Financial Analysis

7.0 Value Industry Chain

8.0 VRIO Analysis

9.0 Analysis of Strategic Factors (SWOT)

9.0 Overall Assessment of the Company

11.0 Issues Needing Clarification

12.0 Overall Strategy & Action Plan

APPENDIX 1: Further Financial Analysis

Dear Cody Faircloth,

Generically speaking you've come into this industry from advice for your father as he had originally bought this facility as an investment. I understand your desire and opportunity cost of not doing your MBA at this time, likewise I acknowledge the attraction of being able to build the Eagle Box Company from which one day you may have a controlling interest.

I have written an assessment of the company, including a SWOT analysis, based on the text I have read. However, I must specify to you the importance of what I consider further issues you need to investigate. Within each of the issues I have indicated to the need, reason and methodology from which they stem. I do stress the importance of considering my advice before you make any decision.

Finally I have formulated an overall strategy and action plan you may wish to pursue if you decide to take on the responsibility of managing the company. The strategy does involve sustaining short-term losses yet with your training and background the company could start to show signs of profit within six months.

Thank you for choosing me as your advisor and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

(Your)Strategic Advisor

2.0 Background:

The Eagle Box...