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'Installation art is an artwork that encompasses an extended space. It suggests that art lies not in objects alone, but also in the experience of perception...Installation art can also be site-specific, time sensitive, interactive, environmental.'

The work of Ken Unsworth a contemporary Australian artist can relate to this statement due to the fact that his work is not just art in the objects alone but rather art in the experience the audience receives through their perception of his work. The objects, which make up his installations are taken from the everyday world, but juxtaposed in such a way as to generate new meanings.

His work is postmodern in the way it expands our ideas about what art is and how it can be explained. Through the conceptual frame, Ken Unsworth's work is linked to the Artist, World and Audience.

"Unsworth's work becomes genuine collaboration, a genuine communication, because it is two-way, it's meaning not predetermined, but a joint construction between artist and viewer."

His work reflects his own life stories and links the world to his audience through his work.

"We respond to this work because it offers us the opportunity to relive our own life stories through objects."

Ken Unsworth work uses space and objects to portray a meaning that is not immediately apparent.

"Unsworth has lived and suffered as much as most of us so his art is able to reflect our own deepest fears, joys and secrets."

Ken Unsworth's work encompasses an extended space by using sound, nature and everyday materials. Our understanding of Ken Unsworth's work relies on our own individual experiences and imagination, therefore his work suggests that art lies not in objects alone, but also in the experience of perception.