Censorship and the banning of "The Chocolate War" by Cormier

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Our country was founded on the ideals of freedom of speech and expression, and now all Americans have to make sure they are upheld. The books on this list are intelligent stories that challenge your perceptions and make you aware of the often harsh realities of life. And while, certainly, a parent might decide a particular book is too mature for his or her child, no city council or church group or senator should have the right to declare a book off limits for every child in a community.

Censorship is becoming more and more common all over the world, especially in the United States. This is happening in schools and libraries across the country too often (once is too often). If children are raised without exposure to other views, how will they know that they are wrong or right when the come into contact with them later in life? Why must a select group of people control the material they are exposed to? Are they any better than the children? Are the children not capable of making decisions of their own? How can we expect them to make decisions as adults if they don't as a child? This needs to change.

Americans have the freedom of speech. Books are just a medium to convey one persons thoughts and ideas to another. The world isn't perfect, so don't make it seem that way. Why should a book be banned just because the main character is mad at himself and mentions he should could jump off a cliff? So let's stop this, right now.

The Chocolate War is a fictional account of what happens to a teen who refuses to sell chocolate bars for a fund-raiser at an all-boys Catholic school. He's intimidated by school administrators, harassed by fellow students and...