Changes in Modern Europe into the 12th century.

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Since the 12th century the world has gone thru some changes. Modern Europe was blooming in many areas. People were growing, getting smarter and continuing to question their surroundings. We called this time the Middle Ages.

Most of the focus around the 12th century moves from Rome and Greece to England and France. The people around this time lived mostly indoors because of the climate in this part of Europe. Royalty lived in castles and Christianity started to become more prevalent around this time, also.

One of the most important issues facing people of the 12th century is the competitiveness for the crown among the kings' children. Royal families were closely knit. But families were also easily torn apart because of the desire to be king. Everyone was hungry for power and everyone wanted to rule. Discipline throughout England was not very strict. People including prince's and princess's became spoiled and greedy.

They wanted what they wanted and would kill anyone in their way to get there.

This was not the case so much in Rome or Greece. The Romans and Greeks were obedient and content because they were strictly punished if they disobeyed their rulers or questioned anything. Religion was much more strongly influenced in Greece and Rome. The people were happier because they were more religious and because they respected and feared their Gods.

Another thing that changed come the 12th century was the lack of strict government. In the time of Rome and Greece, government was valued and very well organized. England and France didn't have laws that were legislated by royalty. They had customs passed down from generation to generation, instead.

Another thing that started spreading during the early middle ages was the ability to read and write. Few men and women could read and...