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How has the composer use of characterization commented on the concept of journey this extract from ‘The Wind and the Willows’ by Kenneth Graham not only describe the proposal of a physical journey, but also explores the prospects and considerations of going on a journey. Written in third person, Kenneth Grahame discusses the different attitudes taken towards embarking on a physical journey. These three different attitudes are effectively portrayed through the characterization of the toad, rat and mole. Through their interactions, Grahame is able to illustrate and communicate his ideas of embarking on ‘journeys’ and explore the hidden complexities of going on a simple journey.

From the start of the extract, Grahame portrays the concept of journey as a step towards excitement, enthusiasm and change for the better. This aspect of journey is conveyed through the character of the toad. The toad is a enthusiastic and optimistic character, evident in his speech of which he addresses the mole and the rat.

His dialogue is filled with exclamation marks and short phrases, highlighting his excitement and thrill. His body language supports the idea of excitement. Through the eyes of this character, the idea of traveling is exuberant and thrilling. In his speech, we are given limitless possibilities if we just come out of our comfort zone and go out to see the world. “Travel, change, interest, excitement!” This character reflects to the type of people, who aspires to traveling and wants to go out of they comfort zone to experience the unexpected and widen their perspective of their world. Moreover, positive words are used by the toad to inspire the concept of journey to his fellow companions. Words like “tremendously interested and excited”, and “a horizon that’s always changing” illustrate his passion for travel. The display of yellow,