A Child Called It, by Dave Pelzer

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The book, A Child Called It, by Dave Pelzer, is about a young boy named David, who was abused by his mother. The life of the boy starts out in a normal family that has issues but gets along. As the story goes on, David is like a slave to his own mother. The ending of the book is a secret until one reads or listens to this essay.

The beginning of David's life was like a fairytale. His mother would take the children to places like the park, they would go on vacations, and she would just spend quality time with him. She always made sure that the house was spotless and that everyone was fed. Little did anyone know that things were about to change.

When David was younger, his relationship with his mother drastically changed. She no longer used discipline to correct him. When David misbehaved he was put in the corner, but his mother soon realized that such action did not satisfy her.

She then started to grab his face and smash it against a mirror. Then she would order him to say, "I'm a bad boy" over and over again. David's dad worked a lot, so he was never home to see any of the things that happened to David. The father would tell David to be a good boy while the former was at work. It did not matter what David did; his mother would beat him up or smash his face against anything that she was near. One day after school, when David came home and looked at his mother, he could tell that there was going to be trouble: "You've made my life a living hell!" she sneered. "Now it's time I showed you what hell is like!" My skin seemed...