Child Poverty

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One of the biggest epidemics the world has ever known is happening everywhere. As a result, children in the thousands are dying daily and it is the issue over child poverty that seems endless. Over the past year over 10.5 million children under the age of five past away, and the vast majority of children were in developing countries. The countries that are in desperate need of help consist of Ethiopia, Angola, (Africa) Afghanistan, Nepal, (Asia) Samoa, (Australia) and Haiti (Caribbean) as well as many others. Child poverty also consist of developed countries as well, with the Untied States having the highest rate, showing 21.9 percent after taxes with new Zealand trailing behind with 16.3 percent and Ireland with 15.7 percent. These suffering children are in desperate need of help and need healthy food, fresh water, adequate living, and a good education. For those who aren?t really competent about child poverty, they may wonder about the reasons it came about.

Questions could arise about what has happened because of poverty and how it is being helped. But the real question is can it be ended? Child poverty is steadily rising for a lot of reasons. The overall reason for child poverty is because parents aren?t able to take proper care for their off spring. Parents sometimes lose jobs and cannot adequately take care of their kids and the children are left to fend for themselves. Some say that appropriate education leads to poverty because it leads to the inability to acquire good jobs in the future. There is also an argument that the world is overpopulated and we do not have the resources to support the worlds? needy children.

Because children have to fend for them selves, some will go to any extent to get even the slightest amount...