Choosing the Right Bible Colleges

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Bible Colleges, Which one shall I go to? I think I will go to Vanguard University. I believe Bible colleges, like Vanguard University, are better than secular colleges like, University of Utah. Because of the social environment, the environment it self and the way people dress and the chapel services.

The social environment is better because it is a small campus. Because it is a small campus all of the students are very friendly and when you want to talk walk up to someone introduce yourself and there you go you have a new buddy to talk to. In this social group you are not judged by you religion because everyone is the same religion. Also because it is a small campus you get to have a student teacher relationship in an educational way.

The next reason is because of the environment that helps in relation to the way people dress .

People dress to the comforts of the way the weather is in California. The way most people would dress is a modest and fashionable way to keep cool and still be cool inside and out.

The best reason is because of the chapel services. I like it because you can never forget about going to church because it is required in a bible college. What I like about these newer church?s is that the music is contemporary music that means it is upbeat. They have a very good church like community that is very faithful to their religion.

I think there are some good points out going to a college that is a secular college, like Utah University. One good reason is because it is close by in distance and in time to you main home. The second reason is because of the classes you...