Classification of Different Parenting Techniques

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Imagine yourself at the park and the kid on the top of the playground is about to jump off, the parent starts to scream and yell, so the child hesitates and jumps anyway. Maybe if the parent had taken a different approach the child would not have jumped. There are many different ways to discipline children. Throughout the world there are different types of people; there are some good people and there are some bad. Many people have different ways for raising children, which ultimately affects their life. There is really no right way or wrong way, but there is a way you can try to raise a good child. Raising a good child alters the way they will act in life after childhood. Being prepared and mature enough to have a child is crucial in raising a good human being. Some parents use fear and intimidation, some gain trust and respect, and others discipline by lack of direction or attention.

The most important thing in life is being a good parent and teaching children the appropriate way to act.

Using fear and intimidation as a form of discipline may work in some cases, but may also backfire in other situations. Parents who yell and scream at their kids are more likely to stress themselves out. Not only are they more likely to be stressed, but they also have a greater chance of the child rebelling against their wishes. This type of parenting usually happens when the parent has no patience. Patience is a virtue, especially when raising children. When a parent yells at a child they are teaching them that it is ok to yell. As the child repeats these habits though his or her daily life they are going to think that yelling is the way...