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INTRODUCTION If one were to survey a panel of CEO?s and executives and ask them what their most important asset is they would say, ?People?. If one were to ask that same panel of leaders what the one thing they lack in their organization the answer would probably be ?trained and developed personnel?. While many organizations spend countless of dollars on training, seminars and development courses, others tend to leave this important human resource issue to chance. Is it possible to create such synergy within an organization that the leadership rarely looks outside the organization for promotions? Is it possible for an organization to improve its human resource development and identify a tangible contribution to the overall business success of that particular organization? In ?The Leadership & Oranization Development Journal?, Jeffery M. Wachtel & David J. Veale conducted a study on and they contend Coca-Cola is one such company that is completely convinced that this is possible.

Coca-Cola believes that by using coaching and mentoring to strengthen the link between development and business strategy it is the key to creating a healthy and striving business model. The company views coaching as a tool for directly enhancing performance, it sees mentoring, as achieving its purposes mainly through building relationships. Coca-Cola has identified 5 types of coaching they also understands that there is considerable overlap between them. The goal of Coca-Cola to achieve usefulness and not so much theoretical precision. The five types of coaching according to Coca-Cola are; modeling, instructing, enhancing or improving performance, problem solving and inspiration. The goals of mentoring at Coca-Cola are to help the protégé better understand the company and his or her role in it. Coca-Cola believes that human resource development (HRD) is a key to building competitive advantage through people and to the creation of...