College Choice

Essay by blackboomboom February 2003

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A major decision one must make after exiting high school is whether to go to a university or to a community college. This is an important decision for a student because it will determine his or her future. Those who make the right choices will achieve better results in their school careers. In order to select the best fitting schools, students need to understand thoroughly about community colleges and universities. Although universities and community colleges serve the same purpose, they have differences in their learning environment, tuition, and admission requirements.

While choosing to attend a university or a community college, the learning environment that each has to offer is an important factor. A university can leave a student, who is unfamiliar with the campus, feeling lost. University campuses can be several miles in area, and each department can consist of a number of different buildings. Normally, students will feel tired of running between classes from one department to another.

Unlike universities, however, smaller community colleges usually consist of one or just a few buildings, and are no bigger than a large sized high school. The size of the classes is another advantage for community college students. At a community college, the classes are made up of no more then forty students. This can be a great advantage because this gives students a chance to interact with their professors, providing an easier learning experience. At a university, on the other hand, a student can be placed in a classroom the size of an auditorium with two to three hundred students, or even possibly watching a professor on a video tape. Students passively listen, not actively participate in discussions with their professor. Additionally, the large lecture halls make some students sitting at the back unable to listen and take notes completely, causing...