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Perseverance is a quality of mine that I value tremendously. I have always worked hard at whatever I've done. In basketball it was that perseverance that made me a three-year starter on varsity. I had a lack of skill with dribbling a basketball when it came to my left hand. I worked so hard the summer of my sophomore year day in and day out just dribbling and dribbling with that left hand. I had even started to eat with my left and even tried to write with my left hand. By the time the season had started I was almost ambidextrous. That was one of my proudest moments, for it made me an even better ball player.

In college I believe that having a good work ethic will get a person far. To be able to persevere and have that want to get the task done, whatever it may be, a ten page English paper or having to stay up and study for a Chemistry test the next morning.

And with this trait I believe that it will be the right one for me to be a successful person not only in college but also in life.

After I graduate college and become a pharmacist I would like to start a family in hopefully Floyd County. I would really like to give back to the community, maybe somehow building a recreation center in the town or maybe even giving some funds to the school that first started my learning experience. I would even like to go into business with myself and start my own pharmacy. Another goal of mine would be to travel to Italy and try and find out more of my background and where my family came from.

My mother works hard to give me a lot...