Commerative Speech (Mom's Words)

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My mom once told me that I?m suppose to give thanks to those who love you, give thanks to those who have helped you through good and bad, give thanks to those that have changed your life and made it better. Well today as we all sit here, I?m going to give thanks to someone who has helped me, someone who if it wasn?t for her there would be no me??my mother.

This woman as most of you know is special. She?s not special because I say she?s special, she?s special because of who she is and what she does. And today we are celebrating her 50th birthday . My mom not only does for her kids but for anyone that she encounters. God put her here for a reason and that reason is to help in anyway and love anyone unconditionally.

She has so much love to give that she is an advocate for foster children meaning she has in the past taken children with no home or family and gave them a home and made them a part of our family?..I

remember the time she took in a young girl who had no one to turn too and mom you became a mom to her, you became her friend and helped her in everyway that you could and she tell appreciates it.

She has so much love to give that she has helped changed a few peoples lives?a student at the high school my mom works didn?t want to continue with school. I remember like it was yesterday?my mom said and I quote, ?Girl if you don?t stay in school I?m going to hurt you and then tell your mom and she?s going hurt you?so if you don?t want to get hurt then you better stay in school..?...