Companies today often seek skills and specific skill sets in lieu of technical knowledge.

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The Changing Workplace

Times change - and reasons behind the changes are both varied and plural. Historically companies view management positions as requiring a technical knowledge base of all positions contained in that group (Carlson, 2002, p.42). Current times and trends have changed this viewpoint, however; companies today often seek skills and specific skill sets, in lieu of technical knowledge.

My father (likely your father, and even more likely his father's father before him) worked for a single company - at the very least in a single industry. Historically company goals were generally to attain and retain people referred to as 'lifers,' employees whose careers would begin and end at the company working in various capacities throughout their lives.

Some companies were known as "womb to tomb" employers. Prospective employees knew that if they joined the company at an early age and performed satisfactorily, they would have a job for life.

They could count on receiving a gold watch and a company pension when they retired. It was not uncommon for people to start work with a company in the mailroom or as a courier at the age of 15, or even younger, and to retire at age 65 with 50 years or more of service (Carlson, 2002, p.42).

These 'lifer' employees worked their way up from the mailroom, and attained technical knowledge along the way - this technical knowledge often qualified these technically skilled employees for management positions.

"In the 21st century, many people entering the workforce may work for as many as seven or eight different companies during their careers." (Carlson, 2002, p.42). Today's employers often hire management workforce based on skill sets, not technical skills. Résumés today can highlight skills, rather than job history, in response to these hiring trends. In my twelve (12) years of employment...