Comparative Studies of Slavery in US and S. Africa

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?All men are equal, though the colour of their skin be black or white. One may be superior to another in wisdom, looks or wealth but they are equal as men? (Ribo, 1998). Ever since the colonisation of America and South Africa, Slavery was an on going process since the Stone Age. Slavery in America was introduced by British, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese Explorers. It is for the economic boosts of the new country. The Europeans called it ?chattel slavery? which is the same into South Africa. Chattel slavery is a type of slavery which gives the owner the absolute power and ownership over slaves. South Africa was Cape Colony before because it was colonised by British then later by the Dutch. In the Cape were the slave - trade originated. It was introduced for money, wealth, economy, and for free labour towards European people and a forced labour to slaves.

The establishment of Slavery in America in the late 17th century is done by the English settlers in Jamestown, Virginia and throughout the 13 colonies. The establishment of slavery, brought with it all the arbitrary and repressive laws fundamental to an Institution within, which a master enjoy absolute rights over his property which is the same in the Cape (Everett, 1996). In the Cape, the British and Dutch settlers established the introduction of slavery in West Africa, Batavia (Indonesia) which is controlled by The Dutch East India Company (VOC), a Dutch company which controlled slaves throughout their colonies. Jan Van Rieebeck a Dutch explorer who brought the first slaves in South Africa in the late 17th century; the establishment of slavery is in the need of labour in refreshment stations in the Cape Colony, Batavia and the Dutch Empire. The Triangular Trade is a trade from Africa,