Comparison and Contrast: Aunt and Uncle

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Aunt and Uncle through a Nephew's eyes the old axiom opposite attract certainly seems true in regard to my Aunt Betty and Uncle Bill. Despite a physical resemblance, their difference outnumber their likeness. The most distinctive difference are in their childhood backgrounds, political views, and personalities. The were born two months apart and both are in their late fifties, my aunt and uncle resemble each other. They both have grey streaks in their black hair. They are both under the average height. The childhood backgrounds of my aunt and uncle were defiantly unalike. My aunt lived only in the city growing up, although my uncle grew up on a farm. My aunt was the first of her family to graduate from high school; Uncle Bill went to work immediately after finishing the ninth grade at a rural school. A strong religious environment influenced my aunt, whereas no visible religious commitments existed in my uncle's family.

Shortly after their marriage, however, my uncle adopted my aunt's religion, which is Baptist. He still attends church regularly with her, but not as enthusiastically as my aunt. My aunt and uncle's political differences became quite apparent when I stated the following politics. My aunt is a loyal Democrat and my uncle is proud Republican. Every four years after a presidential election, they return from the polls saying that it is no use in voting. They know that they cancel out each other's vote. My aunt and uncle's greatest difference is in their personality. Aunt Betty has always been more friendly and outgoing, whereas, Uncle Bill tends to be antisocial and shy. Aunt Betty seems to be always laughing, even when she wants to cry, but Uncle Bill seems to be more serious. Despite their many contrasts, my aunt and uncle have been married more than twenty-five years. They have been steadfast in their devotion to each other and to the family. As a result, I have been greatly influenced by the blending of their differences. From their wonderful parents we have gained a balance and stability that have been that have been transmitted to our own relationship and lives.