Computer Engineer : A Career Choice

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There are many positions in computer engineering, but I?m going to describe some of the positions that I find interesting. A Software Developer is a company or individual who develops software. Another name for Software Developer is Software Engineer. A Software Developer usually makes around $67,146. For a level 2 software developer you will need a bachelor?s degree in computer science. A Control Systems Engineer is another position that I am interested in. A control Systems Engineer is a person who maintains adequate infrastructure to support software. To become a Computer Systems Engineer you will need a degree in computer engineering. Computer Systems Engineer makes $62,000 min. A CAD Support Engineer is another position that I am interested in. CAD Support Engineers helps solve CAD and office application problems. To become a CAD Support Engineer you will need a degree in computer science. CAD Support Engineers makes 25k-30k+. I think these jobs are very interesting and I would like a career in these jobs.

Computer engineering is a great career for me because I like computers and I want to work with them. Computers have been apart of my life since I can remember and I always wondered what it would be like if I had a job working with computers, and since computer technology is growing the fastest in the job market I would like to have a career in computers. My strengths in this industry are: I?m very knowledgeable of computers, I know how they operate, and I?m like doing things with my hands. I think that I would do very well in this career because from a quiz that we took in freshman orientation it said that my brain was well balanced, and I think that it would work good for this career. Also from another quiz...