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Building a creative and innovative team oftentimes can be challenging, but using the proper methods increases the probability of success. When teams are formed the task is to fulfill a company's needs or project requirements and this is often done without taking into account an individual's character (LIFO®, 2006). When developing teams the skills of a leader are just as important as the skills of the team. As with the team members there must be a vision and a common goal to ensure success in meeting company objectives.

When developing a team the process is mission critical in identifying a leader who can carry the team to completion with as little disruption and distraction as possible. The leader of a team must be a charismatic visionary that will help nurture the team's potential and build a trust that will foster creativity and innovation. The most successful leadership style is the transformational leader, one who understands team dynamics.

With the understanding that few leaders are born with the skills necessary to lead, developing leaders becomes a process. Management is always looking for leaders who can create long term visions which vision in turn creates focus. (O'Neil, 2000) Management must first identify the prospective leaders and that takes time. The natural born leader will stand out of a crowd but the key here is to identify one who has leadership potential. There has to be a spirited quality about the individual who thrives on a challenge, is willing to take on responsibilities and has peer respect. These qualities create trust among team members building a synergy that is energetic and imaginative. Without these qualities a person would not make a good team leader and is essence set the team up for failure.

When companies have the need to develop a team the...