The Conflict Perspective

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In my research paper I will show the meanings and reasoning of the conflict perspective. I have chosen this topic because a lot of peoples view on society is cauterized by tension and conflict. I chose Karl Marx for the main focus because Marx lived in poverty and wrote about his experiences and experienced them through the conflict perspective. The conflict perspective is explained to be the view of society by tension. Conflict perspective is a sociological approach that assumes that social behavior is best understood in terms of conflict or tension between competing groups.

Since the 1960s he conflict approach has become increasingly persuasive. It is a powerful way to gain insight into a society. Conflict theorists see a system made up of groups and individuals who are pursuing their own interest unlike functional analysis. Functional analysis looks at society and sees a unit that has all parts of functioning for the good of the whole.

Conflict theorists see competing groups and believe that order is based on coercion. So to understand that society they believe power is the most important variable to consider. When understanding a society, conflict theory argues, find out who has power and everything else will then bee clear.

Karl Marx viewed struggle between social classes as inevitable, given the explanation of workers under capitalism. In 18487, Marx and life long friend Frederick Engels prepared a platform called The Communist Manifesto. The book argued that the masses pf people who have no resources other than their labor should unite to fight for the overthrow of capitalist societies. In the first part of the book (Bourgeoisie and Proletarians) Marx begins by explaining that the history of man and society is the history of class struggles. The modern bourgeois society developed out of the feudal society, but...