Consumer Choice Processes

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In the print ads for Heineken, its purpose is for consumer to use a combination of an affective choice and attitude-based choice. The underlying meaning of this print ad is meaning to stir the viewer consummatory motives. First, it associates the consumption of the beer with the experience with watching a game; in other word, drinking this beer will maximize one experience. Second, it insinuates that Heineken is the best and the most rational choice one should make, since it compare with another situation (watching 10 inch television). Furthermore, the image of the cold beer bottle is a psychological arousal (appetizing) for the viewer. In other word, with not much information in the print ads, therefore, the color, style, designs, and wording of the ads provide an intangible factor that influences the consumer emotional aspect.

In the Heineken website, it provides more information that will attract the viewer to use an attribute-based process.

Since the website provide an extensive detail about the production, history, achievements (prizes), and many more. The consumer could use this information to make an attribute-by-attribute comparison across brand. It is a different approach from the print ads, in the website, they provide these information that is tangible feature (ex. Brewing process, ingredient, and facts).

Heinekenprint ads and website did fulfill it purpose in matching with the consumer?s evaluation criteria. People who buy their beer, expected a good tasting beer, in which also project their style and social status. Therefore, the choice of the style and color Heineken?s print ads and website used are the first stage that ensure the consumers? expectation. The sleek/sophisticate and modern image exude in every aspects of the ads and website. The consumers who view the ads or website will associate themselves with the...