Control in an Organization

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As the world gradually moves towards absolute globalization, people are becoming more dynamic, sophisticated as well as demanding. There is a significant pool of talent all around the world, in almost every organization. It is rather the issues of the managers in each organization to develop these inner talents in their work force convert these resources into valuable output, rather the manager?s ability to ?control? their subordinates performance to align with the firm?s overall objectives. The term ?control? varies. One literature might define it as ?The systematic process through which managers regulate organizational activities to make them consistent with expectations established in plans, target, and standards of performance?. H. Jackson, P. Morgan and G.P. Paolillo (1986, p.299) stated that control is used in the same term of power, influence and authority. Control can be a two edged sword depending on its level and appropriateness. Too much control might create discomfort and blocks creativity of the organization.

The process of control is an important process that involves the entire organization, not just the management. The process is not just monitoring and such but rather the process of setting up measurements (goals), the structure that is transparent, therefore, easy to control and some practical system that can control elements of the organization such as reward system that indirectly control people?s performance without forcing them to meet the targets.

It is extremely crucial for any organization to have a set of goals or objectives, giving them a sense of direction and something to measure their performance against. As a first step of control, it is impossible for management to identify whether control is needed without goals, objectives or something concrete to measure against. In other words, a measurable set of goals identifies the need of control and points out where it is needed...