What is the cosmos of meaning?

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People have asked questions for years about their existence. The Greeks came up with what we know today as the Cosmos of Meaning which is a orderly structure of various elements. Origins, Goals and Purposes, Human Nature, and Ultimate reality are all categories that any cosmos of meaning will typically address. Origins explain where everything came from. Goals and Purposes explain what we are here for and what we are supposed to do. Human Nature explains how humans act and what their nature is. Ultimate reality is how humans perceive their lives.

It is important to examine one’s own cosmos of meaning because it helps you see where your views have come from and examine why you really believe what you believe.

The beliefs that people have about answers to the cosmos of meaning come from different religions that have been passed down through the generations, religions that have started more recently, and science.

Many people place their beliefs on faith. While not everyone practices their a faith, many people have answers to the cosmos questions that they derived from their faith or religion.

In regards to my personal cosmos I would consider myself both an idealist and a materialist. I grew up in a Christian family and most of my views come from the Christian faith. I have lived my life based on those principals. I believe that God is a God of love and forgiveness. Jesus existed before his birth on earth and Jesus is God. Jesus was born to die, in which he paid the price for everyone so they could be saved. Jesus’ resurrection is proof that he is who he said he is and can do what he said he can do. Jesus is coming again. In the Bible it says how in end times there will be a break down of law and order and there will be a rise of one world government. There will be a rise of the one world government because of the absence of law and order.

I believe that people have a soul and a body and both are real. When you die your soul lives on in Heaven with God or in Hell. Both the life that people live and the life after are real and true.

The nature of God is love. All human beings are born sinful in nature, and those who reach moral responsibility become sinners in thought, word, and deed. Humans are physical and spiritual. Humans have good and bad parts to human nature which is why we have conflict in this world.

A person’s own works are not enough for God to give everlasting life. A person has to make a conscious decision to give their heart and life to God and trust in him to be their savior.

In the Bible it tells how God made the earth, the universe, and made man was made in his form.

I believe that people are here to love God and love their neighbor. The purpose of life is to love and serve God. Death is the end of life on the Earth and the movement of the soul to Heaven or Hell.

The way to live a good life would be to follow the teachings in the Bible. I think the basis of ethics and morality comes back to the Bible. When I look at American Culture where the religion is mostly Christian, most of the values and morals seem to be based on the Christian viewpoint when it comes to what is wrong and what is right. In other countries that are predominantly of another faith the laws that the governments put in place follow a structure similar to what is written in the Ten Commandments, no stealing, killing, and so on.

As I said earlier my beliefs have come from my family and growing up in the church. While I don’t consider myself to be the best Christian, I do believe what I have learned about God and about what happens after death.

I believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and the only basis for my beliefs. The Bible was given to us by God through human writers. It is not misleading and is a safe, sure, and reliable rule and guide in everything. The Bible is free from all falsehood or mistakes and is entirely true and trustworthy. I believe that there is only one God who created everything and is perfect and eternal. Jesus is divine and fully human, he died in place of sinners to pay for their sin, and rose from the grave. The Holy Spirit gives spiritual life to man and dwells in man enabling him to live a godly life. Although man was created in the image of God, he sinned, causing death and separation from God. The death and resurrection of Jesus provide the only basis for salvation of all who believe and only those who repent and believe, receiving Jesus as Lord, are children of God. People who truly believe in God are saved forever and secure in their salvation. Jesus will return to earth in Human form.

Growing up as a Christian I probably approached things a little differently the other people. I think my faith has made me a better person and helped me through life in many ways.