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Looking out from the large window, a variety of colors can be found. The dew that settles on the glass must first be wiped in order to clearly see the beauty that waits outside. The smudges of fingerprints from one person to the next line the outer corners, yet still allow a view of scarlet, gold, ginger, and chocolate leaves that have fallen to the ground. The landscape that can be observed from the casement in the center of my bedroom wall during the autumn months is quite picturesque, creating a feeling of tranquility when catching a glimpse of the surroundings.

In fact, a large barn is the first thing noticed when looking at the scene. The barn is made of fresh wood, and the type is unknown, although it is neatly cut and put together. The outer area is tidy. Bales of hay are arranged in order from the doors to the edge of the left side.

A few rusted shovels and rakes are leaned against the panels. The barn makes the area seem a bit smaller and more closed in than it is.

The next things that can be spotted are the small number of horses roaming around the acre. They range from a russet mare to a rich black colt. The horses run freely, without any care. Each one runs at a different speed and eats at a different time, as if proving their independence. They are all bathed and brushed regularly to look first-class. The stallions linger around a rain puddle that once appeared, but has never evaporated. Watching the self-ruling animals causes a feeling of mere splendor.

After the horses, the rocks that line the outer banks of a creek catch your attention. Rocks are stacked on top of each other, as if creating a...