Crime, Kids and Parents

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Crimes, Kids and Parents On April 20, 1999, a high school in Colorado, Columbine High, was subject to an extremely violent crime committed by a minor. Eric Harris and Dylon Klebold went on a shooting spree that resulted in the death of twelve students and wounding twenty-four more before committing suicide. The violent episode rallied an intense debate regarding gun control laws. A lot of the discussion was centered on such topics as high school cliques and school bullies and the amount of violent movies and video games with which children are exposed to in today's American society (Wikipedia).

What then is the responsibility a parent should have if their child becomes a threat to all the honest people in society? Why does it seem that not everyone, but a great number of people will do their best to "pass the buck" rather than take responsibility. Why is taking responsibility so difficult.

We avoid it at work, at the park, at restaurants, at clubs, and even at home. We are quick to judge and place blame or reason for an action on someone, somehow. Mr. Jones did not do this or that, and I could not finish my work. Mrs. Jones would not lend me the lawn mower, so the grass did not get cut. The Jones's dog ate my homework. It is always someone else's fault for our shortcomings.

So when legislation brings up the issue as of who should be responsible for a child when they commit a crime, where will the buck be passed now? I say we as a nation have failed our young. I say that the young adults of today have been cheated by their fathers and mothers. These parents have brought their children into the world, not of their own choosing, but they...