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Assignment 1-A "China May Be on Course To Overtake U.S. Economy" Wall Street Journal - pg. A1, col. 1 For China to surpass Japan's economy in the near future and to tail our economy is potentially very dangerous and could quite possibly shift our position as the super nation of the world. The implied impact on U.S. companies would be that they are in grave danger of losing their future clientele and cause downsizing within the companies which hence forth would raise unemployment and poverty in America. If China were to have surpassed our economy, Chinese companies would render more business and accelerate both technologically and financially so rapidly that it would make it far more difficult for our economy to keep up. As for Operations and planning for the next ten to twenty years, revisions are imperative in order to keep up with the everyday challenges brought upon by the potential overcoming of our economy due to China.

We need to purchase technology and resources from other countries in order to keep up with our competition rather than be left behind. Operations should come up with new ways to bring business to American companies rather than Chinese companies. Because labor and services are very cheap in China we must develop new incentives for clientele to do business with American companies. Furthermore, we must halt all outsourcing to foreign countries. Although the company may be saving roughly 60% in finances by outsourcing jobs to foreign companies such as China, in the long-run the bitterness of our future's economy will override the sweetness of saving several dollars at the present moment. Even better, we would be putting money back into our economy and keeping the economy moving. The salary paid to an outsourced worker in China might benefit the American company...