The Crucible : Battle of Good and Evil

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Arthur Miller's 1692 play named The Crucible took place in Salem, Massachusetts. The Crucible is morally about the battle between good and evil in the town of Salem. When you get down to discussing the most eligible persons to be compared for such a position in The Crucible, it all falls on the two characters Abigail Williams and Elizabeth "Goody" Proctor. Many of the people in the story can also be compared, but when you look at the character trait of Elizabeth and Abigail, the two lovers of John Proctor, they morally represent the battle of good and evil. As you will see the traits of Elizabeth, she holds the good of the town, but Abigail makes it obvious that she is the corrupted and the bad.

One difference between Abigail and Elizabeth is the morality of honesty. Although in the story Elizabeth lied in the courts to save her husbands name, she can be characterized as an honest person.

She would be considered honest, because she never admits to any relations to the devil. Through her confession she would have simply been set free and her life would have been saved, but through it all she refuse to give in to the system [government of Salem], which was corrupted by Abigail Williams and her friends who was dancing in the woods. On the other hand, Abigail is a liar and very deceitful. In the town of Salem, Abigail holds a reputation of being a whore. After she was fired from being a helper in the Proctors' home for having an affair with John Proctor she became violent toward many people. She holds this character trait. One of the many reasons was from her obsession with John she began a lie that corrupted the town. People began to accuse...