The Crucible:In your opinion, who was responsible for the Salem Witch Trials?

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The Salem Witch Trials were massive chains of blame which pointed out the unique citizens of a society and accused them of witch craft. Tituba, from The Crucible, was in the same situation. She, being foreign (especially from a place such as Barbados), non-puritan, and a slave made her the perfect candidate for such accusations. With England breathing down their necks from one direction and Indian attacks from the other, suspicion of traitors in their own community was on the rise. The English people of The Americas were surrounded by panic around, making it the perfect breeding ground for paranoia and hysteria. Honest, decent people in their societies that have been on good terms for many years started to look like likely puppets of the devil. It is no wonder why in Salem, fingers were being pointed left and right, such as when Abigail and Betty begin to shout out names of people who are ‘with the devil’ at the end of the first act.

Rumors spread like wildfire; there were no secrets in small towns, especially in a place like Salem. Everyone gets strung along in this blame game; this is why no person in particular is the reason for The Salem Witch Trials - the entire community was provoking the situation.

Each member of the society has a reputation, no matter it be good or bad. During that time, approximately 1692, motives for blaming people were evident. The reputation of many men fluctuated during this time; Reputation could shatter, such as Parris’s, while on the other hand they could skyrocket, such as Hale’s. The most likely reason people got involved in such acts would primarily be to vent their own mistakes, but to do so in a way which allowed them to not taking the responsibilities of their...