Cultural Learning in Education

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Culture and learning about different cultures is absolutely necessary in schools today. There are a number of cultural factors, which have direct implications for teaching and learning. Teachers need to be in acceptance toward every culture that exists. Today's teachers must keep in mind the idea that ethnic groups have distinct values. As Jean Francois Lyotard argues, culture needs "grand narratives" to keep itself going(Guerin,301). Grand narratives can be explained as stories that a culture can identify with and have a sense of pride in.

Guerin explains how cultural conversation can produce engagement and subjectivity(Guerin, 279) The topics of sexuality, racism, and homophobia can be enough for a class to converse for a long time. In my opinion, the more talk we have on subjects like this can erase any unfamiliarity and hatred that anybody may have towards those subjects. It is a positive thing to have talk shows that have open debates on cultural issues.

Hopefully, those types of things grow as we move along towards equality.

Culturally responsive teaching holds that explicit knowledge about cultural diversity is necessary to meet the needs of all students today. In order to accommodate for cultural diversity, this type of teaching method is significant. I also believe that the knowledge of pop culture and politics is also very important for students to be familiar with. There is a lot of information to process in the real world, and to be aware of at least some of it can make a big difference.