"Cultural Segregation via Human Nature" The essay centers around our need for stability and why it hinders humanity from achieving cultural harmony. (4 pages double spaced)

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"Cultural Segregation via Human Nature"

Dean Barnlund poses the questions: "Will a global village be a mere collection or a true community of men? Will its residents be neighbors capable of respecting and utilizing their differences, or clusters of strangers living in the ghettos and united only in their antipathies for others?"(48) The unfortunate answers to those questions are the latter in both cases. Although in an ideal world, every human is an open minded, eager to learn individual, in the real world, that is certainly not the case. With the technological boom over the last two decades, the ability to reach this "true community of men" is at hand, but because humans are compelled to create a life of certainty, and are oblivious to their subconscious cultural norms, this community will never reach a unified, empathetic state. Although the possibility of multicultural harmony in the global community does exist, it will never reach fruition due to the innate human desire for stability.

Barnlund states "To survive, psychologically as well as physically, human beings must inhabit a world that is relatively free of ambiguity and reasonably predictable" (52). Stability is not only at the root of the American dream, it is the foundation of nearly every modern culture. The constant strife for the white picket fence, the 2.5 kids and the golden retriever are a dream because it is envisioned as the life with little fluctuations. Job security is something that is sometimes comparable to medical benefits and salary. The never

ending quest for making the dollar, peso, yen, or ruble, all to be able to pay your bills on time. To be able to drive a dependable vehicle and to have comfortable clothes has one common core. Stability is the innate and nearly universal desire to protect the survival...