Daily Stressors of the Human Body

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Stress, as a college student is something I deal with on a daily basis. Stress from homework, and what do I want to do with my life, to having bills like the electricity which I've never had to pay for before. Life is stressful because we push ourselves to the point where we are overworked, underappreciated, and tired. Which leaves you stressed out wondering how you're gonna be able to keep up this pace that you've set for yourself. My stressors come from money, school, and family. I am working at Victoria's Secret and have been for over a year. It is retail and I have been worked and worked. This is a major stress because it just puts more pressure on me with my schooling. Which in return creates a snowball effect because my family gets on me about doing good in school, and that makes me focus on school, which sometimes can be hard to focus on.

Stress is like the snowball effect. Once one thing goes wrong I go into a panic type of state, and need to catch up, but by freaking out I get behind in more than just one thing. Everyone has stressors in their lives, mine are money, family, and school.

Money, one thing that everyone in the world worries about. Being a college student on a budget I worry about it a lot. Money is one thing that everyone knows can create a lot of stress. My way of coping with this stress is by relaxing, taking a deep breath and then going through bills to figuring out where my money went. My dad always ends up helping me figure out where it all when and then giving me more money so that I don't worry and stress over it so I...