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Sean McDaniel


Dilemma of Existance

Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno is a very insightful and thought provoking book. The journey of Dante through hell makes you ponder your own hell and the punishments you would enact on people that do bad things. The following is my reaction to Dante's Inferno and how it affected me personally.

This book held people that betrayed others in the lowest levels of hell. I agree fully with this. My reasoning behind this is that if someone trusts you, then betrays you, they should receive the worst punishment possible for breaking your trust and screwing you over. When Dante is in the 9th circle of hell he was questioning a sinner. The sinner said, "But Minos, the infallible, had me hurled here to the final bolgia of the ten for the alchemy I practiced in the world" (246). This made me think because the people that affect more people were punished the worst.

An instance that mad me think was the various punishments that people had to endure. I found the tree punishment to be very interesting. The book says, "The Harpies, feeding on it's leaves then, give it pain and pain's outlet simultaneously" (122). This just seems like a punishment that's not a punishment especially for people that are in hell for violence. This kind of sheds some light into the authors intents on depicting hell as a place where people that screw multiple people over in a "wave effect", are punished more severely. Another punishment that I found ingenious was that of the gluttons. The conditions were described as, "Here to all time with neither pause nor change the frozen rain of Hell descends in torrents" (66). The gluttons were forced to crawl around in the cold rain and mud...