Decisions in Paradise Part III

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The first two papers, Decisions in Paradise Part I and II, described the following: identify the problem, define the criteria, goals and objectives, and evaluate the decision-making process. Part III will implement the decision-making process and measure the impact of the deciding factors.

Determine factors affecting decision implementation in an organization and the proposed solutionPZ Masonry will assess the foregrounds and determine how much resources is needed, and approximately how long it will take to complete the work - factoring in the weather and other possible delays that might occur. One thing is certain, since PZ Masonry is a for-profit business; the long tenure in Kava will reap benefits not only for PZ Masonry but for the residents of Kava as well. PZ Masonry has teamed up with a nearby country to help provide food and water to the residents of Kava until PZ Masonry can work with the Governmental services to jump start the economy.

The economy thrives off petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, tourism, fishing, and natural gas, along with quality labor. Since the natural disaster destroyed everything, PZ Masonry is willing and able to help in any means possible to resurrect Kava to the known Paradise that it once was.

Evaluate resources and action required for decision implementation of proposed solutionThe use of metaphorical thinking and starbursting are some tools and techniques that PZ Masonry uses when factoring in decisions. Diversity of the island can create some barriers, so the use of metaphorical thinking and starbursting will help in the decisions being made. Starbursting helps to understand new ideas by brainstorming questions. Starbursting is basically bombarding other people with questions. Where the Resort should be built? What features should the Resort have? How much will it cost? And so forth. Asking questions help to ensure...