Deion Sanders an American Hero

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Deion Sanders also known as "Primetime", impacted the nineteen nineties in America with his flashy clothes, gold jewelry, and outstanding athletic ability. His entertaining touchdown celebrations and his rags to riches story undoubtedly made Deion Sanders the celebrity icon he had grown to be. Deion Sanders was a hero to all Americans; some may think of him as a exceptional athlete because of his career as a Pro Bowl cornerback for the National Football League, while others consider him a hero because of his faith and devotion to his prayer group, or because of the bible study he established. Deion Sanders is also esteemed for his donations of time and money to multiple charities and organizations and his ability to entertain and inspire. Deion Sanders is an American hero because of his athleticism, Christianity, and confidence.

Deion Sanders was a hero for his great athleticism. "Even in the world of athletic superstars Sanders is exceptional, supremely gifted in two sports: he is, for instance, the only man ever to hit a home run in the National League and score an National Football League touchdown in the same week."

(Rec. of Power 1) Even During the 1990 Major League Baseball season Deion Sanders was released from the New York Yankees and was later signed by the Atlanta Braves. "In nineteen ninety two Deion Sanders became an important contributor to the Atlanta Braves' success. Deion Sanders' batting average was an impressive .304 and lead the National League in triples with fourteen in only three hundred three at-bats, about half the number that most regular players have in a full season." (Britton 3270) Deion Sander's athletic ability did not stop on home plate though; he also played valuable roles in several National Football League teams. In 1990 Jerry Glanville was hired as the...