Describe Nasser's role in the creation of the PLO. How did he become a supporter of the Palestinian cause? Why did he arm and train the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA)?

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Nasser came in power in 1952. Soon after, in 1956 a treaty between Nasser and Britain ended the presence of British in Egypt. Nasser was then free to conduct his own foreign policy. The border with Israel was a serious issue. Nasser, beginning in 1955, spent millions on soviet military equipment. His defiant stance against the west and imperialism soon made him a hero in the Arab world. In 1956, he daringly nationalized the Suez canal, an act which enraged Britain. Israel too was concerned about the Egyptian military buildup. Israel and Britain launched a military strike into Egypt in 1956 in an effort to eliminate Nasser. However, both the US and Soviet Union objected to the invasion, and Britain and Israel were forced to accept a UN sponsored cease-fire.

From then on, he was viewed as a great leader and spokesman of the Arab region. He promoted secular Pan-Arabism as a political alternative throughout the Middle East.

In an effort to strengthen the Pan-Arab alliance against Israel, Nasser deployed troops and signed different treaties with various Arab nations. Then he also starts supporting the Palestinian cause so that he can have more power in ruling that region. At the same time, all the Arab nations believe that there must be some organization who can speak for the cause of Palestine and fight for their own land. Therefore, in 1964 Nasser directly involve in creation of PLO. PLO was dominated by the Palestinian notables that Nasser had installed for his own purpose.

The main reason Nasser involve in the creation of PLO is as he hold the high position in Arab region at that time, he want to show Israel that he is doing something for the Palestine and other Arab countries. Actually, he was the premier Arab leader and...