The Destructors â€" by Graham Greene

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Essay Question: The characters in The Destructors mirror their real selves. With Close reference to the story, give your response.

ESSAY - In ?The Destructors?, Graham Greene mirrors the character?s real selves through actions and thoughts of the characters. Other than mirroring the characters? true self, the actions and thoughts of different characters also conveys the theme of ?appearance versus reality?.

Perhaps it was the identity of Trevor?s character the ?new recruit? of the ?Wormsley Common Gang? that greatly contrasts the strong leadership quality within the 15 year-old boy. Early on in The Destructors, we learn that Trevor is a silent character as ? ?He never wasted a word even to tell his name?? This ?brooding silence that all recognized?, quickly portrays the powerful attention that Trevor?s character is sourcing from other members of the gang. The words ?all recognized? clearly suggests that Trevor is the centre of attention of the gang.

The reflection of Trevor?s character is also mentioned through the thoughts of other members of the gang, such as Mike mentioning of Trevor?s? ?Odd quality of danger, of the unpredictable?, that ?established him in the gang without any ignoble ceremony of initiation.? As the story precedes the true character of Trevor?s, as a leader, is conveyed through his ability to persuade and attract other members of the gang to follow his ideas. For example, at part one of the story, Trevor challenges Blackie?s idea to pinch ?free rides? on buses, by proposing to destroy Mr Thomas? ?two hundred year old? house. Without second thoughts, Trevor naturally won the votes of the other members of the gang and ?became leader of the Wormsley Common Gang?. Through Trevor?s rapid promotion to a leader?s position in the gang, we can see that the ?appearance? of Trevor as a...