The Devil and Nilosa Nalnocs

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The tale of Nilosa Nalnocs is a tragic one. She was born to a middle class Massachusetts family in the year 2015, just a few miles from Boston. Her mother was a failure; a miserable, stupid drunk. But her father was just the opposite, an achiever. He graduated school early, became a language teacher at a local high school, and was even selected to be an administrator for the national English exams. The day that he was chosen, Nilosa knew what she wanted to do with her life.

The problem was, she wasn't nearly as smart as her father. He always pushed her to work hard, but she could never step into his shoes. Years passed, and she went to an average college and performed well, but never made any friends; she felt superior to them, and did not wish to associate herself with their kind. Happy as she was, she also made enemies because of her attitude, and when she went to get a job as a teacher, nobody would hire her.

Her search would continue for many years.

By 2040 she was desperate. Both of her parents had passed away, and she had nobody to turn to. She moved to New York in hopes of getting a job in the city, but every opportunity passed her by. On June 6th, she was walking on a sidewalk, and just passed St. Patrick's Cathedral when she heard shouting behind her.

"Yo, gimme your bag or die!" Nilosa turned around in time to be hit in the face with the butt of a pistol. She fell to the ground, unable to move, and the young black man ran away with her purse.

"You cowardly bastard!" she yelled after him. "God damn you, get back here!" Hurting badly, she hobbled to the...