Did God choose us? Or did we choose God? This has been an on going debate since the rise of John Calvin. In this essay you will find the truth according to the scripture.

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Did God choose us? Or did we choose him?

Martin Luther and John Calvin have a belief that God chose us, or selected us as Christians before our birth and created the rest for damnation in hell. They base this theory upon the word predestination. It is obvious that the word predestination is BiblicalA, but the question is what does it mean? If Calvin and Luther were correct this means that humans did not choose God, but God chose them. The problem with this theory is that saying humans did not choose God makes the Bible to appear false. There are plenty of Bible verses that proclaim that you should choose Christ or claim that certain individuals have chosen Christ, or state that certain people out and out chose to not accept Christ .

On the other hand though, there are plenty of scriptures stating that God chose his people .

So which is it? Did God choose us or did we choose God? I have often struggled with this question because there is evidence to support both sides. To choose one way over the other makes many verses of the Bible false. Since we know the Bible to be the truth, what answer would make all of these verses accurate? The answer to this question is simply both- God chose us, and we chose him.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say God created us for damnation, so why couldn't God have selected us all for salvation? You may argue that if God selected us all, then all of us would in fact be Christians. But did humans always follow what God told them to? Look at Adam and Eve, God directly told them to not eat the fruit but they did anyway. Also is God not displeased when...