Difficulties for Students to find Good Jobs in Toronto

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There are a lot of jobs available in the city of Toronto, but there are also plenty of people available to fill these positions. The more people we have in our city, the higher the qualifications for certain positions are, thus, the harder it is for our city's students to find good paying jobs.

Students can attain jobs fairly easily, as there are always people and places hiring for younger individuals. The key here is "good" jobs. Most of these places that are looking for help, and to hire, tend to be in the food services industries, such as McDonalds, which usually start to pay at minimum wage, with no bonuses or tips. These big corporations make so much money, and I'm sure paying such low wages has an influence on their success. When working at McDonalds, they do offer raises every 6 months, but the raises vary from $0.05

to $0.20 per hour, which is basically almost no change. I suppose people will still work at places that pay minimum wage, and the employers know this fact, so they will continue to pay out this low income.

There are some fairly better jobs, still in the food services, which can be more financially rewarding, such as serving food, as a waitress, and attaining tips from customers. Now, the only problem with this position is that in order to work at a good restaurant, or any average restaurant for that matter, you have to have prior experience as a waitress, and you must be a certain age to serve alcohol in the area. This is not always a bad circumstance, as employers should seek people with experience, and if they do serve alcohol, there should be a restriction on age. But having all these restrictions and qualifications really...