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Growing up I never really had a problem with those from another ethnic backgrounds other than mine. I did not see color. I saw the person inside. If I did not like a person it was not because of their skin color, it was their personality that I did not like.

I remember one experience I had in high school, where I found a black man to be attractive, and I guess you could say I was 'checking him out' one day. He soon became aware of this and looked at me kind of funny. I believe that he thought that I was looking at him funny because of his race, due to the fact that he was the only black around at the time. I laugh now at the situation because I did not take into consideration his race, I just thought that he was attractive. However, he thought that I was giving him dirty looks because of his skin color.

One of my icons and heroes is compounded from several ethnic backgrounds. He reaches out to minorities and believes that he can influence children today, because they do not see a black person or a white person, they simply see a man or a woman. This man is Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods calls himself "Cablinasian". This is because he is a mixture of Caucasian, black, American Indian, and Asian. His mother Kutilda is from Thailand, and his father Earl was an American of multiple ethnic backgrounds. Tiger Woods has drastically changed the game of golf, since his rise in 1997. There are now more minorities and women playing the sport then ever before. The mission of Tiger Woods's foundation is to, "Empower young people to reach their highest potential by initiating and supporting community-based programs...