Who Do I Say Jesus Is?

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Jesus is many things to many people. Every person has their own point of view on who Jesus is to them. Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem and he is now the son of God. Actually, Jesus means so much more than the son of God. He is apart of everybody who believes. He is like a conscience that teaches you right from wrong in the Bible. To me, Jesus means having good morals, being a good person, and treating everything with respect.

Jesus has taught me to have good morals and make right choices to do better in life. For example, being able to decide what is right from wrong and doing the right thing can lead you to be a better person and Jesus is always there to help guide me to that decision. When put in the situation where the decision I make will affect my life in one way or another, I know that I have learned to make the right decision because Jesus has taught me.

I am now able to be a better person because I can make good choices and live my life to the full extent and be a great person for God. I have learned to be all that I can be because I have Jesus with me helping me to make right decisions in my life.

Being a good person and doing good things for others is also something I have learned from Jesus. For example, community service is something I continuously participate in because I have learned from Jesus that it is good to contribute to those who are less fortunate. Not only is it helping the community, but it boosts my self-esteem to know that I helped out others and they appreciated it.