Does Television Influence Children To Be Violent?

Essay by Adam720High School, 10th gradeA, March 2003

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This essay is about whether the programs that children watch on television lead them into violence and other acts against law and authority. There are alot of strong points supporting both sides of this argument and in this essay I will elaborate on these points and try to come to a conclusion on whether this theory is true or not. I personally believe that television does have a major influence on children and encourages them to be vicious and violent towards others.

For example, the latest craze to hit the United States and the United Kingdom is a self-proclaimed sport that goes by the name "backyard wrestling". Thousands of youngsters from all over these parts of the world have observed professional wrestling on their televisions at home, and have then tried it in their own backyards with friends and family members. This process is almost unstoppable. Parents are not always there to surveillance what their children watch on the television, and once children see adults on TV doing these sorts of things they're bound to end up imitating it.

As I have said before children like to copy what they see on their televisions at home, even more so if they are watching super hero programs such as "Power Rangers", "Superman" and such like. It appears to them that Superman and the Power Rangers are doing the right thing. After all they're the good guys, right? Surely the real good guy wouldn't hurl a grown man right across the room and into a rock-solid brick wall now, would they? Kids are more than likely to see this, and then think it's alright for them to do it. So they end up picking up one of their friends, hurling them across the room into a wall, and ending up...