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Don Bartlett was a man who suffered a great deal in his life. Through his experiences he came through and the hardships that he had to face through life, only to become a better person. In psychology we can relate a lot of the trials and obstacles of Don's life to basic emotional and motivational ideas.

Don Bartlett's childhood was not easy. His life, in my opinion was not even close to the definition of homeostatic. He was constantly mistreated and never had a stable and secure upbringing. Dr. Bartlett was isolated and abused mentally by his family and the rest of society. He was made fun of by other peers and abusively punished by his father. In order for one to live a homeostatic life one must maintain constant conditions in the internal environment of the body. Don never had that, he lived mental torture daily never knowing what to expect in the days following.

Primary drive is what kept Don motivated. As a young boy he often found himself looking for his own food and clothes for his back in dumpsters or other non-sanitary places. The need for survival made him do what he had to do to stay alive. Don knew that food and clothing are a necessity to live, so he did what he could to achieve only what he needed.

Even as a child Don had his priorities straight. He knew that his basic needs had to be accomplished before his greater needs could be satisfied. Maslow's hierarchy of needs reflects the fact that basic needs have to be satisfied in order for higher level motives become active. In saying that, Don took care of himself and only after that did he begin to strive for higher goals like education.

As a juvenile Don became...