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Essay by euphoria February 2008

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Since I found it very hard to find any examples of personal statments online for journalism degree's I'd like to share my draft and later my final piece.

Please see below:I’d like to clear up misconceptions that I hear from many people when I tell them that I want to become a journalist, journalists are not here to change the world, or contribute in any form to it. If anything, it is up to the consumers of the media, to ‘want’ to do anything about the news provided to them.

I want to pursue a degree in journalism in order to develop the skills to answer questions in disparate fields while staying grounded with strong analytical and critical writing skills. Ultimately, I want to use these skills to participate thoughtfully in public discourse informed by the culture that produces it. The velocity of the present necessitates the immediacy of journalism.

Eating a chocolate bar is political. Maybe you got it from the corner shop down the road that always looks so messy yet has been open for years. Maybe that chocolate came from Switzerland or from Belgium. If it came from Belgium, a trucker probably brought it to you. He might have gotten tired on the road, drank a pint to keep him up, lost control, and run a car off the road, injuring all five of its passengers.

Maybe none of this happened, but maybe it did. The possibility makes eating a chocolate bar as politically salient as voting. The government chooses how much to tax the chocolate, but we choose to eat it. Dominos fall across the country and tie the micro of our actions to the macro of a global social and political economy where even small choices have far-flung consequences.

Most of the time we ignore...