Dropped The Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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The dropping of the atomic bomb on hiroshima and Nagasaki, had many effects on human kind i general. The bombs killed millions of people, but the ones who survived were posable hurt the most by this terrible experience.

In "School Caps" Kyoko Mori told the story of Tsuyoshi, his uncle. This story took place in 1945. Tsuyoshi lived in Hiroshima with his parents and sister. In "School Caps" school was canceled and the students were taken to a factory to make guns, bullets and soldiers uniforms. The use of imagery when Tsuyoshi is lost and his family is looking for him is vary descriptive to the burnt and dying people as well as the burnt city. The since of pathos is ripped from your heart when Tsuyoshi's parents find no sigh of him of his class mates. When all hope was lost Tsuyoshis parents don't give up looking for him, every morning until dusk never giving up hope.

This is just one of millions of stores of loved ones that were lost to the bomb, this is clearly one of the most devastating acts that mankind has ever committed.

In "Sky", a poem by Junko Morimoto, the reader can again see the devastating effects of the drooping of the bomb. This poem also provokes a sense of pathos at the point in the poem where Morimoto says, "my country was in war and i was afraid of the sky, was always looking for an enemy plane." The strongest point of inflicted imagery is when he states,"when i stood up, the blast of light struck me. The intense heat wrapped my body i was dazed and frozen." The mood of "Sky"is vary desperate , "I thought" bomb hit me... "I thought I am Dying. I am sinking in to pitch darkness.

Unlike the other stories, "I Dreaded December 7" dealt with a Japanese American boy, who also was effected by the dropping of the bomb. A since of pathos is apparent when it is said "boys that played with me the other 364 days of the year zoomed at me in formation of bikes, pumping their peddles furiously going rat-tat-tat! got another jap!" During this passage imagery is also apparent when it is said, "Its just that i was in a weird way, fascinated. What could have blackened and melted just one side. this boy is obviously effected by the bombing because he cant go to school with out getting harassed by boys who will play with him any other time of the year.

The dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had a lot of effects on human kind. The bomb destroyed homes and killed many people. The two familys and the boy are all from different areas but they all were effected as bad as the other just in different ways.