The Drug of Love

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This I Believe This I believe, I believe that love is the most powerful drug in the world. Love is an over-the-counter drug that is available to the public. Love is sold in all stores across the world. The stores that carry love are the many people of the world. The only problem with the stores is that some carry to little of the drug . I believe that the access to the drug is not the same in all stores. I believe the store of a woman carry more love and carry it more abundantly. I believe that women have the innate ability to sell the drug at a less expensive price.

I believe this drug of love has many side effects, many side effects that are good and side effects that are bad. I believe the good side effects of love are as follows; closeness, caring, happiness, and a sense of family.

Believe it or not love can have bad side effects also. Love also has the power to influence negativity, some negativity of love is manipulation and control issues. I believe that love is strong enough for someone to not let you be shared with anyone else. I believe the addiction of love has to be observed so that it does not reach a dangerous level.

Women sell the drug at low price not because their love is cheap but because they want their love affordable to the public. I believe that children get the drug of love in smaller doses from the store of a woman. Even though it comes in smaller doses it always comes with a prize inside. Women also sell the drug in a family pack. It is available to any family from a newborn baby to an elderly parent. Woman tend to...