Is drugs testing important in Egypt?

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Many drug abusers are addicted to substances and need help. By enforcing drug testing in different sectors in Egypt, we can spot out these people before they further hurt themselves or others. Currently, drug testing is being applied in many fields, due to the fact that drugs abuse recently became very common in Egypt. However, the problem of soft drugs abuse (marihuana and hashish) exists in Egypt from a long time ago. Is it closely linked to the religious aspects, for example in Islam it's is forbidden to use alcohol, therefore many representatives of this religion consider smoking of soft drugs as not violation of the religious rules. However, it not true, because in reality the interpretation of the holly book "Koran" can be different, and the original meaning of "not taking alcohol" is closely related to any type of substances that cause intoxication effect. But this is another issue.

Here we are talking about the importance of drug testing in Egypt. It is certainly important for any nation to be healthy and productive in order to increase the overall productivity of the home-country. Some professions require an extremely high level of concentration and vigilance, such as drivers of tourist buses and tracks. I don't want to mention other professions that definitely require purity of mind, but the case of drivers affected by drugs is widely spread in Egypt. Drivers can cause a lot of damages to innocent people in case they are intoxicated with drugs. They could easily fall a sleep while driving on a high speed, or inadequately perceive the reality and take wrong (slow) decisions in a critical situation. For this purpose Egyptian government in affiliation with the traffic police and ministry of health initiated a project which involves drug testing of drivers who were suspected in...