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Management of E commerce 1- In the late 1960s Advanced Research Projects Agency sponsored a conference at which several dozen graduate students met at University of Illinois to share ideas regarding a blueprint for networking the main computer systems of about a dozen universities and research institutions with communication lines operating at 56KB per second. Shortly after the conference, Advance Research Projects Agency implemented ARPAnet , the grandparent of today?s Internet. In 1990 Tim Burners-Lee of CERN developed the World Wide Web and several communication protocols that form the backbone of the World Wide Web.

2- Store front model of e-business combines transaction processing, security, online payment and information storage to enable merchants to sell their products online. This model is a basic form of e-commerce. In this model the buyers and sellers interact directly. A unique seller opens the store and buyers buy from the seller after viewing the online catalogue.

In the auction model, act as a forum through which internet users can assume either the role of either seller or bidder. In the portal model, the buyers use these vehicles (search engines) to locate almost everything they are looking for in one place. Search engines are horizontal portals. In Dynamic-Pricing model, buyers are able to shop the lowest price available for an item by using sites that allow buyers to join together in buying the same item. This allows the buyers to get better prices due to larger quantity purchased. Other sites allow buyers to name their own price for entertainment and travel.

3- An e-business plan should start with a brief introduction to the layout, followed by an overview of the business premise including the primary issues. It should consist of three main parts, Design, Development and Management 5Five sections must be clearly defined, 1-Primary purpose-...