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Table of contents

Executive Summary------------------------------------------------------------------- 1

Situational Analysis

Market Opportunity Analysis------------------------------------------------------ 2

Relevant Internet Statistics-------------------------------------------------------- 5

Objectives for Academics Plus! --------------------------------------------------- 5

Strategy and Implementation

Academics Plus! Business Model------------------------------------------------- 7

Site Development Strategy---------------------------------------------------------12

Marketing and Promotional Campaign-----------------------------------------13

Implementation Plan and Timelines--------------------------------------------16

Proposed Academics Plus! Budget Plan----------------------------------------17

Implementation Task Force--------------------------------------------------------18

Risk Factor Identification ---------------------------------------------------------18 APPENDICES

APPENDIX I- Screen shots of prototype Webpage. ------------------------21

APPENDIX II- Detailed Budget Plan-------------------------------------------- 22





Fancy - a - Click has decided to prepare an ecommerce proposal for the Academics Plus bookstore as part of our group project. It is believed that this proposal would present great opportunities for the business in terms of building a web presence for the company and assisting in providing added value to the customer as well as creating a one of a kind purchasing experience for the business' targeted segment. The proposal would identify the overall objectives of the ecommerce plan which is to improve Academics Plus business processes and increase market share.

In an attempt to fulfill these objectives the Fancy - a - Click group would be presenting in the proposal a Lowest Price business model and the different aspects that would aid in this model becoming a success for the business. The proposal would further discuss the suggested site development and implementation strategies to be pursued as well as the marketing and promotional campaign that will be set up to drive traffic to the website and action a purchase transaction from the consumer on the site. The group has also identified the finances that would be needed to mobilize the implementation of the plan in the budget analysis.

Finally, as with any plan there would be risks and these are clearly identified in the risk identification section of the proposal.